While we face a great deal of uncertainty, I have every faith in our community. We have always sought to define our policies by the values we share. We have faced adversity with perseverance, resilience and innovation, and used challenges to learn, adapt, and become national leaders. Now is no different.

Born and raised in Davis, I’m also reminded that this historic moment is another opportunity for us to dig deeper, re-examine our own personal actions, and reaffirm our conviction that a person is not defined by gender, color, economics, or disability—but by their compassion and integrity.

We cannot take the specialness of our community for granted. It is the legacy of hard work and thoughtful planning. Now that our City Council has become a cohesive, knowledgeable and effective team, that responsibility rests with us.

Even before COVID-19 changed our world, there was a lot to do in planning for the impacts of Climate Change. Now we have to simultaneously address the immediate needs of our community, as well as planning for an uncertain future.

I will remain a steady, collaborative voice and will continue to lead with passion, dedication, and love. Together we will face our challenges as we always have… with thoughtfulness, compassion, and resilience.

It is an honor to serve you; I ask for your vote and the opportunity to continue our work together.

Thank you.